The Phantom Water Fed Pole

Phantom users have described the Phantom pole as ‘years ahead of anything on the market, and not just because it looks good. The Phantom pole has been designed specifically to solve the familiar problem of wear and tear, whilst simultaneously producing unparalleled clamping power. The pole has been tried and tested in the hands of veteran Window Cleaners are the U.K. Every single component, right dow to the plastic used in the clamp body, has been chosen to cope with the demands of the modern Window Cleaner. Here’s a first glance at the all new Phantom water fed pole:

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The FaceLift® Phantom

Let Us Tell You What Makes The Phantom Pole Fundamentally Different. 

Like a rose between two thorns, the unmissable red sleeve is made of TPU Elastomer and separates two hard surfaces, reducing the wear and tear experienced when the clamp body applies force to the pole section. The sleeve is made of the same material you would find in the wheels of a skateboard, meaning it grips well, can cope with huge amounts of usage and allows the pole sections to extend and collapse smoothly.

The Phantom Pole endures the wear and tear of daily usage like no other pole.

What makes up a large portion of the cost of a Water Fed Pole is the material in the sections, this is especially true for Carbon Fibre and Hi-Mod Carbon poles. For that reason it makes sense that the clamp should be designed to prolong the life of these sections, and to apply enough force even if the sections wear away.

Features Of The Phantom Pole

There’s also some finer details in the design of the Phantom Pole Clamp that may not be obvious, but contribute to  huge differences in the everday usage of the Phantom Pole.

100% Nylon Clamp Body

Unlike similar poles on the market, the Phantom clamps are 100% Natural Nylon 6. The material for the clamp body itself has been chosen to balance the right blend of flexibility, durability and strength.

Bolt-On Clamps

The Phantom Pole Clamps are bolted onto each section. This removes any need for glue, meaning should you damage a clamp, you’re only ever a few seconds away from being back up and working.

Anti-Spin Lever

To prevent the lever from moving or working its way loose, the clamp design incorporates a channel. This channel limits the movement and therefore stops the lever rotating.

Left or right handed

The Phantom Pole Clamps can be used by lefties or righties. The symetrical clamp body allows the lever to be quickly swapped from one side to another, depending on your preference.

Self adjusting Nut

The winged bolt housing, coupled with the lever channel, ensures that the bolt automatically snaps into place – to prevent loosening and also making it very simple to adjust.

Fully Servicable

Every part of the Phantom Clamp is replaceable, from the red sleeve to the clamp body, with almost no down time (and no need for glue). No down time means more time on the glass!

‘Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler’ –Albert Einstein

This quote epitomises the Phantom Pole design process. 

The Phantom Pole Clamp design is sophisticated, yet minimalist. It solves many of the minor issues with water fed pole clamps – but most importantly, it solves the problem of section wear through the carefully selected elastomer sleeve, which has been shaped, refined and trialled until perfect.

A Design Collaboration

As that old saying goes – Two Minds Are Greater Than One

The Phantom Pole represents a collaboration between two of the Window Cleaning industry’s favourite brands: FaceLift® Cleaning Systems & Exceed Innovation.

FaceLift® Cleaning Systems

The UK’s largest supplier of Pure Water systems & Window Cleaning tools, from water fed supplies right through to the best selling squeegee Rubber.

Exceed Innovation

The brand that designed the UniValve, the Slick Connector & for those that have been around a little longer – the Aquadapter

Case Studies

Here is where we really put our money where our mouth is;

Following nearly two years of design, manufacture, testing and refining of the pole, the complete product was ready in July of 2018. However, prior to launching the pole, we decided to take a slighly different approach to testing the product. Along side our usual means of testing, we also decided to approach a number of external product testers to really put the Phantom pole through its paces. 

The testers selected needed to meet the following criteria: 

– Veteran Window Cleaners with Water Fed Equipment
– Unbiased and without any allegiance to any particular brand
– Commercial and domestic Window Cleaning experience
– Experience with other industry leading poles

At total cost to ourselves, we provided the product testers with a complete pole and a simple job specification: to provide real, unbiased feedback about the pole.

We put the pole on the line, knowing that if it didn’t live up to the high expectations we set, these product testers would make sure we knew in know uncertain terms.

The product testers were not paid or sponsored in any way for their feedback and comments. 

Here’s some of the feedback we received:

‘These new clamps are a different league. I am stunned by the quality of both the pole and clamps… You have something very special.’ 

Tony Bailey
Squeegee Clean Windows

Stuart: ‘Light and rigid and the clamps are a game changer!’

Stuart Castles
SAJ WIndow cleaning

‘Cutting edge clamping system and second to none on quality and rigidity. I think it’s superb and so lightweight. It’s a fantastic pole , clamps are the best I’ve used ‘

Jason Johnstone
TJ’s Window Cleaning

‘Will be looking to get these clamps on all our poles. Can’t believe the difference between our new 30 foot carbon compared to the new Phantom.’

Stuart Bowman
H202 Cleaning Services

‘These are the best clamps I’ve ever used. Once you’ve seen them, It’s such an obvious idea, the softer inner sleeve grips the pole much firmer with far less effort. Also, because it’s softer, it isn’t going to wear the pole sections. Another game changer for me.’

Mick Spracklen
UHPS Window & office cleaning
‘Amazingly light water fed pole that has made my working day so much easier & faster. Love the new clamping system on the Phantom its 100% much better.’
Andy Cheney
Smart Window cleaning
Precision Angle Adapter

Designed Specifically for the Phantom Pole

Another unique add on to the Phantom Range is the all new precision angle adapter. This angle adapter has been designed with a parachute clip, and quick release lever, meaning changing the angle or swapping the brush is now faster than ever – all whilst ensuring the brush stays perfectly alligned. The precision angle adapter slots neatly into the top clamp of the Phantom pole removing the need for a screw thread. The wide parachute clip connecting the brush to the adapter is reinforced with ridges in the brush socket & ribbing through the plastic. This ensures the angle adapter is always neatly alligned and lightweight, but strong.

The Phantom Brush

The Phantom Brush was the first product in the Phantom range, and is currently regarded as one of the best all-round Window Cleaning brushes on the market. It was the first step in a range of Premium products from FaceLift.

Lightweight, Robust & Simple

The brush weighs in at only 290g and is designed to be simple to use and fit. The brush is made of as few components as possible meaning there is little to damage or break.

Premium DuPont Nylon Bristles

The DuPont Bristles are what separates the Phantom Brush from others in the range. These premium bristles last longer, give a better clean and maintain their shape like no other.

11” or 16” Brushes

The Phantom Brush is available in two sizes, with pencil jets, fan jets and a four jet option. regardless of which configuation suits your preference, you can expect unbelievable bang for your buck.

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