FaceLift Window Cleaning Tools

Did You Know FaceLift Also Have a Range of Traditional Window Cleaning Tools? 

RazrBLADE Rubber

This  distinct RED squeegee rubber is exclusive to FaceLift Window Cleaning.

FireBLADE Tools

The FireBLADE Tools include a squeegee handle & channel combo, a bucket on a belt and a sleeve/ microfibre T-Bar. These are also, of course, FaceLift RED!

RazrWASH Cleaner

This cleaning fluid is perfect for cleaning frames, conservatories and other plastics & uPVC

Precision Detailing Cloths

The FaceLift range of precision detailing cloths are perfect to apply finishing touches to a nearly perfect window.

fireblade bundle - window cleaning squeegee - window cleaning tools

FaceLift FireBLADE Bundle

The FireBLADE bundle includes the FaceLift squeegee & applicator, bucket on a belt, pocket scraper and of course RazrBLADE Rubber – All for a great price!

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window cleaning - cleaning chemical - razrwash

FaceLift RazrWASH

A powerful, concentrated formula, perfect for plastics, uPVC & conservatories.

RazrWASH can be used diluted for general cleaning and concentrate for ground-in dirt.
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window cleaning rubber - facelift rubber - red squeegee rubber razrblade

FaceLift RazrBLADE Rubber

The long standing industry favourite, made in Italy EXCLUSIVELY for FaceLift.

Many have tried to copy it and many have failed. When it comes to squeegee rubber, there’s only one choice, RED!
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Window Cleaning cloth - microfibre - facelift cleaning

FaceLift Fishscale Microfibre

The Fishscale Microfibre is a high quality next generation cleaning cloth. The Fishscale weave means its super absorbant and great for streak free window detailing.

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window cleaning cloth - microfibre - facelift cleaning

FaceLift RazrWIPE Precision Microfibre

The RazrWIPE  is an ultra fine glass cleaning microfibre. The four scrubbing corner pockets and the quality of the microfibre mean its perfect for applying the finishing touches to a window.

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fireblade bundle - window cleaning squeegee - window cleaning tools

FaceLift RazrGLIDE

Window Cleaning detergent designed to reduce drag and provide the ultimate streak free finish. RazrGLIDE is safe and biodegradable, making it the perfect choice for professional Window Cleaners

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