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Have You Seen The All New Phantom Pole?

The Phantom Pole has been described as ‘light years ahead of anything on the market’, and not just because it looks good. The Phantom Pole has been designed from the ground up, to solve the problems of the modern Window Cleaner.

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FaceLift Phoenix Water fed Poles

The FaceLift Phoenix Poles are one of the most widely distributed water fed poles in the U.K – and whilst Water fed poles are for the most part universal, there’s a few differences that a professional Window Cleaner should look out for. Most noteworthy, you’ll find our Phoenix MkII in its various forms. From the value-for-money glass fibre range, to the professional Window Cleaners choice, the Phoenix ‘X’ Carbon Fibre Pole.

waterfed telescopic pole FaceLift Phoenix

FaceLift Phoenix MkII Glass Fibre ‘S’

The Phoenix Glass Fibre are a good option up to 18ft. The Phoenix ‘S’ range is designed as a lightweight, introductory pole for ground & first floor or large paned shop fronts

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waterfed pole - telescopic pole - facelift phoenix

FaceLift Phoenix MkII Hybrid ‘P’

The Phoenix Hybrid poles are the everyday pole of the professional Window Cleaner. Lightweight & durable, the Phoenix ‘P’ range are perfect for use all day every day at 20-30ft

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telescopic waterfed pole - facelift phoenix

FaceLift Phoenix MkII Carbon Fibre ‘X’

The Bench Mark in Pure Water Cleaning. Superbly rigid, lightweight and hardwearing – The Phoenix Carbon Fibre pole comes with a higher price tag than the other variations but once you’ve used a Phoenix ‘X’, you won’t use anything else.

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FaceLift Water Fed Poles

FaceLift Phoenix NEON²

The FaceLift Phoenix Neon is the worlds LIGHTEST telescopic pole!

The Neon pole features the tried and trusted Phoenix clamps but with High-Modulus Carbon Fibre Sections, meaning it is equal parts light weight & rigid. The pole comes with the Neon lightweight brush & carry case, meaning you’ve got a complete water fed pole. If weight is a major concern when considering your next water fed pole, the NEON should absolutely be the first port of call.  The Neon is available from 22ft to 40ft.   SHOP NOW
facelift neon complete water fed pole and brush
phoenix telescopic pole - waterfed pole - neon water fed pole
phoenix lightweight neon brush

Which Phoenix Pole Suits Your Business

Below is a guide to which Phoenix pole would best suit you. If you require the pole for low level work and will be using it infrequently, perhaps the Phoenix Glass Fibre is the right option. Alternatively if you are needing an all-rounder to be used with a van mounted system for domestic and commercial work, perhaps a Phoenix Carbon Fibre should be the pole of choice.

Waterfed FaceLift Phoenix telescopic pole

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